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Formatted Partition Recovery

“In order to increase the performance of my computer, I decided to format some of its partitions. But during the course of selecting the partition to format, I selected a wrong partition and lost all the data residing in it. I am in a very bad situation not knowing what to do, since I don’t have a backup copy of it. Can I get back formatted partition data? If so please assist me to achieve this.”

No need to worry in this situation, as solution to this problem is in your finger tips only. Using a robust data recovery tool it’s possible to get back all lost / deleted data even from a formatted partition in just few mouse clicks. Now you will be stuck up thinking, which software to rely upon to attain this. Finding out the effectiveness of software without using it is really hard, so the best option to go with is Remo Recover software. This utility serves data recovery in just few minutes which does not involve much human intervention.

Remo Recover software comes with a trial version which will clear all your doubts regarding the recovery process. This Hard Disk recovery software will also give you an assurance with respect to the recovery process and you yourself will discover how effectively this tool works.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Utility:

  • Extracts only the contents from the formatted partition, without causing any damage or corruption to the sources file
  • Provides you with easy search of files based on their name, creation date, size, extension, etc. Offers immunity against virus as it is designed and updated using latest anti-virus software
  • Its compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and works on all popular versions of both OS
  • This tool aids recovery of formatted FAT partition, NTFS partition, and more
  • Capable to identify and recover up to 300 file types
  • Optimistic tool to regain data from partition having bad sectors in a couple of minutes
  • Recovers various categories of files like documents, spreadsheets, archives, music, video, pictures, etc. from a formatted partition

Few reasons for formatting a partition:

  • Unintentional formatting: You may select a wrong partition while trying to format a partition. If you have not maintained a good source of backup then this will surely result in huge data loss.
  • Formatting errors: While trying to access a partition if you encounter any format errors then this may sometimes lead to formatting your partition. Doing this you will lose all data contained in that partition.
  • Reinstallation of OS: You have to format your partitions before reinstalling an OS. This will ease your reinstallation process and also boost up your systems performance.
  • Virus infection: Virus will affect files in your partitions causing heavy damage to your whole partition. This will corrupt your partition which has to be formatted intentionally.

How to Achieve Formatted Partition Recovery?

Firstly download and install the Remo Recover software. When you run the software the main screen will offer you two options of partition recovery. Select “Recover Partition / Drives” option among that and now click on “Formatted / Reformatted Recoveryoption to recover data from a formatted partition. The software will now scan the entire partition and look for previously formatted partitions. Once the scanning process is complete you will get the list of validated partitions found. Now select the partition from which data has to be recovered. Now click on “Next” option to initiate scanning of selected partition. After this view the recovered partition data using either “File Type View” option or “Data Type” view option. Use “Preview” option to have a look upon the recovered data prior to saving it. Once you are satisfied you can click on “OK” and save your recovered data on any destination of your choice.

More from Remo Recover Tool:

  • Apart from recovering data from formatted partitions, it also recovers files from lost / deleted partitions, inaccessible partitions, re-formatted partitions, re-partitioned drives, re-formatted hard drives, etc.
  • It also enables recovery of partition& volumes from Windows and Mac systems respectively that refuse to boot or mount

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