Recover lost images from formatted Transcend SDXC Class 10 camera card

Every digital camera user knows the importance of a camera card. You can't take a single photo without the memory card. It`s like a lifeline to the camera. So, it`s very important to maintain your card in good running condition. One such way is to format the memory card in the camera so that it can read and write consistently. You have saved lots of photos in your Transcend SDXC Class 10 camera card of all the memorable trips and celebrations. One day you plan to format the card in your computer without checking whether you have a backup or not. Formatting over, you reconnect the memory card to the camera only to find your .jpg and RAW images missing. Won`t this jolt you out of your senses? You would be blaming yourself for your careless approach. Remo Recover Software can save your memories and restore your lost images.

Transcend SDXC Class 10 camera card is made for those who need voracious storage capacity. The quality of the card helps to maintain your camera performance. This card comes with 64GB storing capacity and consists of exFAT file system that fully supports files larger than 4GB in size. It uses In System Programming (ISP) for updating firmware. This card is also ideal for HD camcorders because of its high speed resolution. In the near future most consumer electronic products will be built to support only SDXC cards. This is a pointer to the fact that transcend SDXC cards will have a bigger role to play in the days ahead.

Camera cards contain a file system which helps the camera to organize and restore images on the card. After you format a card a new file system gets installed on the card. So you are unable see any images that existed on the previous file system on the viewfinder. You can retrieve the images from the previous file system using Remo Recover Software (Windows/ Mac)-Pro Edition. For more details visit and learn how to recover your lost images.

Note: It is always good to format your camera card in the camera itself and not in any computer. A camera is more delicate than computer so, it does not have the same tolerance limits as a computer has. While a camera can read and write its memory card reliably, using the same card on a computer might backfire because of the difference in software.

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