Recover lost Partition from Hitachi's Touro™ Mobile external drive

Many of you like upgrading your computer`s OS system with the latest one for bringing ease of operation. Likewise you thought of upgrading your older version of Windows 2000 to XP Pro. So you borrowed your friends Hitachi's Touro™ Mobile external drive and downloaded the XP pro software in it. While installing it in your system suddenly a power surge occurs and shuts down your computer. When it returns you try to restart the installing process again. But to your shock you find that the partition in your external hard drive is missing. How can you return a drive to your friend after eating up his partition? You must be in a highly confused state of mind. Should you go to an IT specialist or is it easy enough to recover it yourself? These types of question will keep coming to your mind until you get a solution. No need of panicking, there is an easy solution for this. Remo Recovery Software can restore your deleted partition.

Hitachi's Touro™ Mobile external drive is a portable hard drive with remarkable performance and quality. You can store photos, movies, music and documents under one roof. It does not need any power to start up. You just need to plug in and play with it. It is available in 320GB, 500GB and 750GB capacity. Other than Mac it can support Windows XP, Vista or 7. This is indeed one of Hitachi’s innovative external storage solutions.

The deleted partition can be easily recovered from your external hard drive. But you must act quickly in order to restore that deleted partition. First of all connect the external hard drive to your system with the help of a USB port and then download the Remo Recovery Software. For more details on how to run the application just visit and follow the simple steps given in it.

You need to know under what circumstances a partition can get lost.

  • Partition can get lost due to virus attack
  • Improper shut down of system may corrupt the partition
  • Sudden power surge will lead to partition corruption and inaccessible
  • When OS gets corrupted and
  • File system corruption can lead to lost partitions


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