Get back lost excel spreadsheet from IOmega EGo external hard drive

You were ready with your company’s balance sheet and were looking forward to the day to present it in the Annual General meeting. You had saved it in your IOmega EGo SuperSpeed (35254) external hard disk. When you wanted to carry out a final check you find the spreadsheets missing.  You madly look for it in all the available partitions, hoping against hope, that you must have saved it else were. Unfortunately, there is no trace of it. What would happen to the meeting? Everyone is waiting for your presentation. Put all your tensions aside. You need not prepare another excel sheet because Remo Recover (Windows) will restore your lost spreadsheet from your hard drive in just a few minutes.

People would love to use IOmega EGo SuperSpeed (35254) because of its online backup service which protects data like no other external drive. This portable hard drive is a 2.5 inch device with a memory of 1 TB. It has an USB speed of 3.0 and data transferring capacity of up to 5 GB/sec. This hard drive is also known for its amazing look with a ruby red band. The ruby band around it can give a solid protection to the hard drive from physical damage even it is falls from 7 feet high from the air. So, you thought your data was safe and secure.

The .xlsx files which you have lost from the external hard drive are not permanently gone. They are lying in the hard disk and can be restored easily. Every file type has a unique header and footer. Remo Recover can identify your lost excel sheet on the basis of its header and footer. You can use Remo Recover (Windows or Mac) Basic Edition to get back the sheet. Just follow these simple steps and restore it back on your external hard drive.

  • Connect the external hard drive to your system.
  • Download the software and install it in your system.
  • Click on ‘Recover Files’ and go to the next page
  • Now select ‘Recover Lost Files’ out of the two options
  • Select a partition from where you want to recover the lost files and click next
  • Now it will show you  a list of files found
  • Just tick and select the files you need to recover and save it in a different partition


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Safe and Secure
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