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Restore deleted GIF files

GIF file is the first image format introduced to meet the needs of World Wide Web. It is an old format which is still in use. It is best suited for preserving animation files and is compatible with any browser. It is also used to store graphical images or logos. No wonder it is still put to a wide variety of use. A lost or deleted GIFF file can be recovered with the help of a good data recovery tool. Remo Recover is a data recovery products recommended by experts and hence is a reliable tool to recover GIFF images.

Remo Recover:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) – Media Edition is capable of recovering your GIF files. All your lost / deleted GIF files from any storage drives like hard drive, external drive, iPod, etc. can be recovered by this tool. The tool scans the drive with a highly effective algorithm to recover your .gif files. Once the recovery is done the result is displayed in Data View and File Type View. In Data View, the files will be in the hierarchy as it appeared on the user interface before getting lost. In File Type View, the files are arranged in the order of file extension.

The Media Edition is built specially for recovery of media files like audio, photo, video and digital RAW photo files. You can create disk images and recover data from it when there are bad sectors on the hard drive. The tool enables you to sort the recovered data on the basis of name, size, date, and file type. Using Find option you can also locate a required file easily.

Why Remo?

Remo has several user friendly features which is what an ideal data recovery tool should have.  These include save recovery session of the scanning process, a separate build for both Windows and Mac, file compression ability to save space on the disk, etc. It is because of these reasons that Remo is the most preferred application when compared to other data recovery tools.

How to use Remo to recover GIF files?

GIF files can be recovered from your drive without any hassle. Install the software and run it on your computer. Select Recover Photos from the software wizard. Select Recover Lost Photos or Recover Deleted Photos based on what you are recovering. Select the appropriate drive from the list in the next window and click Next. Specify the GIF file type on the list and click Next to scan selectively and save scan time. After scan, all your GIF files are listed, preview GIF files and save on a storage drive. For more details, refer the user guide of the software.

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