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Microsoft Access is an application included in MS Office suite. Microsoft Access is world’s most popular relational database as it is flexible, inexpensive yet powerful for small scale desktop projects. There are many versions of Access released since Access 1.1 in 1992.
The latest versions are Access 2010, Access 2007, Access 2003, etc.

Microsoft Access is the apt spreadsheet application for managing and storing information. The easy to understand Access can be used for referencing, creating reports or even analyzing the current scenarios. The data is saved on Access is stored in its own format based on Access Jet Database Engine.

The Access database is a versatile tool and is fully-fledged with many attractive features like

Access has Microsoft Jet Engine which enables file sharing for single or multiple users. The Jet engine can even be linked to data from different database or other applications.

The Access Database provides split database architecture, which is capable of dividing the database as Front End and Back End. The front end may embedded forms, queries, reports, macros, etc contained in a single object. This interactive front end is linked to table data stored in Back End database.

For multi user access the back end i.e. Microsoft Access database can be shared among different users when stored on a shared location or file server, which can be accessed by sharing the front end with different users. The Front end i.e. Client Work station has Jet engine which runs and processes all the data.

Microsoft Access .mdb database files can be easily upgraded to .accdb database file and other file types like .accdb, .accdc, .accde, .accdr and more. To prevent unauthorized use of Access database, it can be easily encrypted as .accde file.

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