ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of broadband internet connection, which enables high speed data transmission through existing telephone lines without interfering normal telephone operations. It provides good quality, reliable connection adn hence well suited for moderate gaming, streaming multimedia, computer aided design, etc. But if the device is far away from telephone exchange or cable has discarded then speed dramatically drops down.

ADSL Speed:

The ADSL fastest modems dial-up are rated approximately 56 kbps (kilo bytes per second) and normally operate at 53 kbps under well in good condition. It utilizes point to point protocol (PPP), more specifically PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) or PPPoA (PPP over AAL5), depending on the telephone company infrastructure. The download speed ranges from 1.5 to 8 megabits (MBPS), which is considerably faster than upload speed and depend on the grade of DSL service purchased. Normally internet cable capacity of ADSL network is up to 30 Mbps.

How does ADSL Works?

  • ADSL is just the name set to a broadband connection which works through existing copper wires phone line, when compared to traditional modem lines.
  • After installation of ADSL broadband a micro filter is plugged into your phone connection. It divides the frequency of phone line from that of your broadband connection and facilitates you to surf web while chatting on phone itself without any disturbances.
  • Normally ADSL broadband connection comes with BT phone line network direct to your place it can be either office or home; due to this service it is one of the most renowned broadband connections till now and even it’s too easy to sign up.
  • Connecting up is really simple and the service is available right across the country.

Benefits of Using ADSL:

  • Download speed is faster when compared to ISDN or dial up
  • It facilitates more efficient upstream speed and provides for real time email retrieval
  • One more advantage of ADSL is the security that it facilitates in knowing your line is private and secure
  • ADSL transfer data digitally, so it does not require converting the data from digital to analogue and backing again
  • ADSL connections are always on.

At times, even though your ADSL is working at its high speed you might experience slow internet due to browser issues. In such cases Remo MORE can fix all the browser issues and increase internet speed drastically.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure