Adware is free application that encloses commercial advertisements. Common adware programs are desktop toolbars, games, utilities, etc. in which advertisement banners are displayed with pop up window or through a bar that appears on computer when the program is running and often allows you to click on ads website. Majority of times, the adware programs get installed in your system through websites on internet.

Most of the adware applications are safe to use but some programs may put you in difficult situations like collects the information about you and your hard drive, what are the web sites you visit, etc. and passes that information to other system over internet. Therefore, it is suggested to be careful what adware you install on your laptop or system. These adware software’s even slow down your computer speed as well as internet connection.

Tips to identify whether your computer has adware or not:

There are numerous symptoms through which you can easily identify that your computer or laptop has adware, some common symptoms are highlighted below:

  • On regular basis you will get pop up ads
  • Your browser homepage automatically get changes continuously
  • Even after un installation of unknown tool bar or search bar, it continuous to appear
  • If you are seeing words that have a green double line within Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, then you should know that your system is infected with adware

Safety measures to prevent adware?

  • Don’t download files like games, pictures or other stuff from untrustworthy sites or unless they are from someone you know
  • Install pop up blocker software
  • If you are using broadband connection then protect your laptop or desktop with firewall
  • Don’t download files from unknown source either from web or email

However, if you want to get rid from adware ads in your Mac system then it’s better to go for excellent third party “Adware Removal Tool”. But be sure before selecting any application because sometimes it may completely erases system data.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure