Android Marshmallow

The latest release of Google is Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is very different from previous versions of Android OS. Officially, it was released on October 2015. You can do a lot more work using Android Marshmallow as its come with key refinements with all the features of the old version. What you can expect from this new OS is smarter, sleeker, and more useable Android.

What's New in Android Marshmallow?

Android Marshmallow Design:

Lock Screen- Almost similar to Lollipop, but here dialer shortcut is replaced with Google's voice search. Using your voice, it is possible to launch apps from the lock screen.

App Menu with Different Look- In previous version of Android OS, to select a particular app you have to go through bunch of apps pages, but now the way app menu works are almost changed. Like Windows 10/Windows Phone's apps menu, you can scroll up and down to see apps present on your phone instead of left and right. Search bar is provided with this new version on the top to locate an app quickly. Also, Google displays the apps which you need at that moment based on the frequently used apps.

Android Marshmallow Google integration:

Google Now on Tap: Press and hold the home button to activate Google Now on Tap on your phone. Once your Google Now on Tap is activated, short animation and then small card will appear which gives you information and details about app shortcut. For instance, if you want to know the details about the restaurant for your dinner, then just tap on it, it provides you the option to call the restaurant, show you the directions and also review for your help. Through Now on Tap, Google reads the context on your screen and provides the related information. Overall, for quick answers and to know the next step this feature is very useful.

Android Marshmallow Security:

Fingerprint Support- Now, use your fingerprint to prevent unauthorized access. Fingerprint scanner; it lets you unlock your phone, make payments and log into various apps with a finger press.

App Permissions- In earlier version of Android OS, while installing app, it was not asking you for your permission to use phone resources and Google account. But now it asks your permission to access phone contents and Google account. This adds additional security to your phone.

Android Marshmallow Performance:

Memory Manager- Without using third party tool, now you can check the memory usage of your installed apps. In setting window, you can see memory area, where you can check memory usage.

Doze- It provides intelligent battery management feature, so that whenever the device is not in use, it will recognize and enters hibernation mode automatically.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with new features and many changes which makes it as more powerful and useful Android OS.

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