Android Wearables

Android wear is Google's first Android based smartwatch operating system. These Android smartwatch wearables helps us a lot with our daily activities like exercise, routine works etc. It is compatible to use with both Android and iOS operating system devices. Android Wear requires a phone running on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+ and ther other newer verisons

These smartwatches are manufactured by various leading mobile brands like Motorola, LG, ASUS, Samsung, and Sony etc. Android Wear enables us to talk with our watches. You'll be able to speak and request information as well as reply to information you've already received. You can receive many information like weather info, cricket updates etc. You can even chat with your friends and family.

Among the various mind blowing features, one killer feature available with Android wear is its ability to set preset defaults in the companion applications. Just by saying, "Ok Google call a taxi" to your smartwatch you can select to use Lyft app (Transport service) to book a taxi. You can even instruct the Google to take a note which will be done with Evernote app.

This Android Wear smart watch will be ready to use as soon as you lift your arm and it will wait for your "Ok Google" instructions. It has been updated regularly and first major update is GPS support, you can go running and track your stats without the need for smartphone using the global positioning system app. While you are running you can also be able to listen to your tunes, without your smartphone, using your Bluetooth headphones. Always-on app feature and the gesture controls along with Wi-Fi connectivity and emoji were also the new updates in android smart watches announced in April 2015.

Use these simple tricks to sync your smartwatch with smartphone

  • Step 1: Get ready to connect
  • Step 2: Pair the Android Wear to your smartphone by choosing the watch on phone's screen
  • Step 3: Control the Android Wear by swiping in different directions
  • Step 4: You can adjust the brightness, manage Wi-Fi and do many other operations using Watch settings
  • Step 5: If you are having issues in pairing the devices, then keep the smartwatch close and make sure there aren't any Bluetooth headphones or other devices nearby.

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