Application is a complete, self-contained computer program that is designed to perform a specific useful function for the user or in cases for another program. These tasks accomplished by an application are the user functions other than system maintenance functions, which are performed by utility programs. In short application is also referred as ‘Apps’ in short (particularly in Android OS).

The word ‘application’ is used since each type of program has a specific application for the user. For example, a word processor can help create a paper; where as a video game cannot be used for this purpose.

In order to perform the specified task, these applications make use of the services provided by the computer's operating system and other supporting programs. In order to write an application program, the user needs a set of formal requests and the means of communicating which are referred as Application Programming Interface (API).

Examples of application Program

Application programs are the most familiar forms of software while computing that come in a very wide variety of types such as accounting programs, database programs, graphics and word processing programs etc. Some of the other examples of application programs include Web browsers, development tools, drawing, paint, and image editing programs, games, spreadsheets and communication programs.

Two types of application

Applications are also called as a program or a group of programs that are designed for users. These groups are divided into two different classes:

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