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AutoCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. It enables draftsmen to create the precision graphics that house builder, product manufacturing teams and other production crews need. The software supports both 2D and 3D formats. Nowadays AutoCAD is actually placed in several industries including design, Mechanical, structural, Electrical and Motor vehicle Archaeologist etc. A great architect may creatively layout attractive products for just about any section of the developing in different style. AutoCAD can make difficult initiatives a lot easier. It unites the project connected with an architect along with the engineer.


AutoCAD allows users to use lines, shapes, text and other visual items to create scale-model blueprints of whatever structure they happen to be designing. AutoCAD has supported a user creating custom objects to fit his needs for any particular project. The recent version of AutoCAD program fully support 3D models and have made it easier to navigate and easier to edit when working with a design in 3D. The files created using AutoCAD will be saved in DWG format.

How to create AutoCAD File?

  • Open AutoCAD software on your computer. Click on “Start from Scratch" to create a new AutoCAD file. Pick the toolbars which you need and place them around the screen properly
  • Set your computer monitor to the correct settings for improved visibility. Take note of the orientation on the screen of the 360 degrees. Right is zero and left is 180 degrees. Down is 270 degrees and up is 90 degrees
  • Choose the line icon to draw the line. Select the place on the screen where the line will begin. Shift the cross hairs to the spot where the line will end
  • Now decide the length and distance of the line. If you type "@10<0" and hit "Enter," your line will be 10 inches to the right of zero.
  • Draw a circle by clicking the circle icon. There are different methods to design this shape. Choose the center point and then use the keyboard to type in the radius or locate the set intersection and snap the circle on the cross hair
  • Design rectangles by selecting two diagonal corners to determine the size and placement of the rectangle
  • In order to trim excess from shapes and lines just click the trim icon and the Line or shape you want to adjust. As you click the mouse, it trims the item. Save your work regularly and print the finished product

In case you end up deleting your AutoCAD file, then plaese refer this page to recover those AutoCAD files back.

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