Battery Life

Battery life is a measure of battery performance and longevity, which can be computed using several factors. The amount of electric charges a battery can store that can be utilized by the device for normal working and the number of charge cycles required for the battery all constitute to a battery life. Some of the factors, in which battery life is measured, include run time of the device on a full charge, as estimated by a manufacturer in milliampere hours or as the number of charge cycles that the device requires until the end of battery’s useful life.

The build factors of the batteries like type, number and the quality of the cells are the factors that will affect the battery life. As and when the battery becomes old, the battery’s health and longevity declines further into a battery's life and as a function of the number of charge cycles it has gone through. However, there are a various ways in which a user can extend the battery life.

Some of the examples of the batteries

Since, the charge cycles of the battery could easily degrade battery life, removing a laptop’s or any other device’s battery and plugging the device in when staying in one place will preserve and extend battery functioning. Other measures include ensuring clean electricity and keeping the device cool.

Tips to increase battery life

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