Bookmark is a collection of direct links to predefined web pages which is stored in your web browser to facilitate quick access when the page is visited again. Bookmarks can be easily created and managed by the user themselves however; most browsers come packaged with several existing bookmarks.

Bookmarking saves the page URL / location, that can be used by the user to come back to the page whenever the user needs. Almost all available Web browsers such as Firefox, Netscape, Chrome and Safari etc. support this bookmarking feature and let the user to save the address (URL) of a Web page so that user could revisit the page at a later time. Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses the term “favorite” to refer to the bookmarks.

Every browser has its own built-in tool for managing this list of bookmarks. But, the list storage method differs, depending on the browser, its version, and the operating system on which the browser is running. This list containing the bookmarks is called as “Bookmark List”.

How to add Bookmark?

First check whether bookmark bar is at the top of the window, if not present then:

All the browsers offer multiple ways to create bookmarks, but the basic method used is:

Benefits of Bookmarking

If you want to know how to delete bookmarks on Mac machine then just click on the given link and learn the process.

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