Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a multi-boot utility developed by Apple Inc. that allows users of Intel-based Macintosh computers to run the Microsoft Windows operating system without losing the Mac OS. Once Boot Camp tool is installed on the Mac's hard drive, the machine can be restarted (re-booted) using either Mac OS X or Windows OS.

Initially Boot camp was introduced as an unsupported beta version for Mac OS X Tiger. The utility was first included as a standard feature with Mac OS X Leopard and above versions. Earlier versions of Boot Camp supported only the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS. But the Boot Camp 4.0 version for Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion just supported only Windows 7. With the release of Boot Camp 5.0 for OS X Mountain Lion version, only 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are officially supported.

Boot Camp Requirements

For a Mac user to install and run Boot Camp, the following components are needed:

Note: Mac OS X of versions Mountain Lion and Lion will only support new installations of Windows

Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp utility contains boot camp assistant that directs the users to perform non-destructive disk partitioning and the resizing of an existing HFS+ partition.  And it even assists in the installation of Windows device drivers. The utility also installs a Windows Control Panel applet that helps the users in selecting the operating system during boot process. Also, it restores the Mac OS X to its original conditions if the user wants to remove the Windows OS.

Advantages of Boot Camp

Boot Camp utility allows the user to run the Windows operating system on Mac at native speed i.e. without degrading the performance. It even enables the Windows applications to fully access the multiple processors and multiple cores, networking and high-speed ports such as USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet. Also, it assists the user to install all the drivers on your Windows OS for audio, video, Bluetooth functionalities and many more. Boot Camp will also allow current Macintosh users to run many programs that were specifically designed for Windows-based computers.

Precautionary measures to be taken before installing the Boot Camp

In the process of installing the boot camp, if you do not have the data backup then you will lose all your vital files from your Mac OS X machines. In such instances, if you want to perform macinthosh file recovery, then just click on the link provided.

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