Boot Sequence

Boot sequence is often referred by many names such as BIOS boot sequence, BIOS boot order, BIOS boot options etc. However in general it is the array of devices listed in BIOS of computer on the basis of priority. Depending on this priority the computer starts loading information from the device before loading operating system. The priority of BIOS boot sequence can be altered by accessing BIOS of the computer.

How to enter into BIOS setup?

In order to change any sequence order first entre into the BIOS setup and restart your computer. As soon as your computer starts up you will be asked to perform the following steps depending on the manufacturer of your motherboard.

Pressing the specified key as listed above you will enter the BIOS setup where you can manage memory, configure new devices, alter boot orders, reset BIOS password and many other things.

NOTE: BIOS is independent of operating system you are using because it is part of the motherboard of your computer. Therefore it does not matter which operating system you are using. What actually you need to know is the exact key combination to access BIOS setup.

What is the need for BOOT sequence?

BIOS will attempt to boot from first device in boot order and when there is no information available there then it proceeds to second device in boot sequence, it follows till all the devices listed in boot order are finished. Some of the common devices which are listed on boot sequence are disc drive, floppy disc, hard drive, and moreover recent computers may also have USB drive and network boot etc. In many computers you will see that hard drive will be the first boot device to startup the computer quickly.

Now consider that you want to install new operating system then one of the first things which you need to perform is to change boot sequence of BIOS depending on from which device you are opting to install new operating system. For example if you have Windows CD and you want to install it on your computer then you have to select first device as CD / DVD drive so as to install new operating system.

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