Let’s first know what is Botnet?

The term Botnet is the combination of words robot and network. The word botnet is usually used in negative connotation however there are both legal and illegal botnets. Usually criminals or miscreants create and distribute malicious program or malware virus which can convert your computer into bot (also referred as zombie). When this kind of situation occurs your computer may perform in an unexpected way and start generating automated tasks over internet without your knowledge.

Botnet is a group of internet connected programs which communicates with other similar programs so as to perform the specific task. The major intention behind botnets is to send spam email messages, spread malicious viruses, collapse computer and servers. Thus when this happens then you may see that your computer may gradually slow down and most of your important data will be under stake. However it’s not always easy to say if your computer has turned bot, because gradual slow down, unexpected behavior etc. might be signs for malware infected computer but this scenarios can also happen due to other reasons that is nothing to do with malware infection.    

How to prevent Botnet?

Miscreants or cybercriminals usually adopt many strategies to get down into your computer, and once they penetrate into your computer then they instantly start affecting your computer. The major step to convert your computer into bot is by installing malware program into your computer which is accomplished by unintentional vulnerabilities, trick you while installing other downloaded software, breaking weak passwords and many others. To avoid this kind of situations you have to reinforce your computer’s security and defense by following ways.

  • Install a good and renowned antivirus / antispyware software from a trustworthy website. After installation launch a through scan and when the program finds something suspicious then take action against it
  • Make sure your firewall is ON, and never turn OFF firewall as this is the barrier which can protect you from miscreants over internet
  • USB drive is one of the major sources of virus intrusion into computer thus before accessing it make sure you scan the drive completely with a good antivirus program
  • Do not trust the data from unknown sources for example prevent clicking links which are provided to you from unknown or spam emails, instant messages (IM), frightening warning that your computer is infected etc.

At times, even when your computer is not infected by an such viruses or malwares, it would behave weiredly and slow down gradully. This is due to accumulation of junk files. These are ununsed files and programs that clog your system memory in turn reducing PC speed. Hence, regularly perform disc cleanup using Remo MORE and clear all junk files to increase your computer performance.

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