Browser History

Written by John Harris, Updated on October 06, 2023

Browser History is a record of all the Websites accessed via your browser. It records the page title, URL, and visitation time. It helps users revisit web pages and content that they have visited in the past.

Your browser history data is recorded by the browser itself. There are several third-party applications that can also record your browser history. Your browser history is stored and accessed in a Google account, making it accessible wherever you log in.

Features of Browser history

In a Web browser, the browser history is a complete list of all the Web sites the computer has visited and that will be stored on the computer's memory for a pre-determined period.

  • Users can specify the number of days the computer can retain the Pages in its history using the browser's preferences.
  • Facilitates easy retrieval and traversal of information resources on the World Wide Web.
  • Hyperlinks present in the resources will enable the users to easily navigate their browsers to related resources.
  • The websites listed in the browser’s history can be viewed by title, date, alphabetical order, time of day, address (URL), number of repeat visits, etc.

History can be used to backtrack where you have gone on the Web; so if the user doesn’t remember the address of a page they visited the previous day, they can open the history and locate it quickly.

Limitations of Web Browser History

In case the user shares their computer with someone else, their Internet Web history will be accessible to the user. This will have serious privacy implications. Hence, it is recommended to delete the web history records whenever required.

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