A byte is the least unit of storage that can be accessed in a systems memory either in ROM or RAM. It consists of precisely 8 bits.

What is the reason behind 8 bit byte become a de facto standard?

A byte is often 8-bits for five motives which were chiefly decided during the birth of contemporary semiconductor systems in the 1970s:

  • The main reason is that byte has been the lowest frequent denominator for most systems since 1970s. Other byte sizes, specifically 18- and 36-bit processors (which offered 10 decimal spots of exactness), have departed and now the computer world approximately exclusively utilizes multiples of 8-bits: 8-, 16-, 32-, 64- and finally 128-bit.
  • CPUs: The initial commercial microprocessors in the begining were 4-bit though the next generation in the late 1970s was in byte (8-bit) when companies like Apple and IBM provided PC’s for the stacks.
  • CPU support hardware: Circuit boards as well as tangential hardware were relatively expensive in the 1970s so new computers were developed to employ existing byte (8-bit) hardware.
  • OS (Operating System): 7-bit ASCII encoding was the modern standard in the 1960s but by the time it was globally acknowledged there were already numerous variants. In the beginning 1960s, IBM launched 8-bit EBCDIC encoding. So once 8-bit computing became common, it was usual for character encoding to chase. In the late 1970s, UNIX was expected to become the leading OS and UNIX's C programming language originally requires 8-bit character types. It was quite a surprise when the IBM PC-based OS became everywhere (PCDOS or MSDOS) nevertheless they too used 8-bit character encoding (though disregarding EBCDIC
  • Networking: The fifth reason to offer an extra viewpoint on the permanence of byte. Current digital telephony consistent on byte that is 8-bits in the early 1960s and this shaped the basis for most prospect networking developments like Internet.

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