Cable Modem

A cable modem is a device that just acts like a network bridge and modem that features bi-directional data communication through radio frequency channels on a hybrid fiber coaxial and infrastructure. In addition, it is used to hook PC or local cable TV line to deliver broadband internet access in the form of cable internet.

Cable modems can even act as external devices that have two connections; one to the PC or TV and the other to cable outlet. A Cable modem performs all system particular functionalities. It also connects via standardized Ethernet port to various gadgets including PC, computerized media gadgets, gaming console and remote switches.

Cable modem service varies due o following factors

Disadvantages of using Cable Modem

At times, even though these cable modems are working fine and provide high speed connectivity due to browser issues like cookies, history items and other unwanted data internet speed might slow down. In such cases Remo MORE can help you increase internet speed on your computer in just few clicks as it can fix all the browser related issues in matter of minutes.

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