Card Reader

A card reader a small USB electronic device that can be used as memory card reader to provide communication with smart card or memory card such as SD, SDHC, MMC, etc. This device can also used to read magnetic stripes storage medium cards such as debit and credit cards for scanning and updating information. Nowadays, we can notice numerous types of card reader to provide easy of business for customers, such as bar code reader, smart card reader, access control card reader, barcode reader, wiegand card reader, proximity card reader, banking card reader, etc. Let us know brief information about few of them.

Memory Card Readers

A memory card device is acts as an USB interface to read and write data into a memory cards, such as SD, SDHC, MMC, CF, etc. Nowadays, technology has been improved and introduced modern card reader that has capability to access two or more different memory cards at a time. The number of companionable memory cards various from reader to reader and can include more than 20 different types.

Banking Card Readers

In this technology era, banks and other related corporate has improved in providing a best service to customers by entertaining smart card readers to support different electronic payment applications.

Access Control Card Reader

Access control card readers are usually used in corporate world to enhance physical security systems. It can be used to read authentication that allows access through access control points, usually a locked door. An access control card reader can be a bar code reader, smart card reader, proximity reader, magnetic stripe reader.

Smart Card Readers

A smart card reader is an electronic device that used to read smart cards and can be divided into two types, such as contact and contactless readers. Contact readers need a physical connection to the cards, made by inserting cards into the reader. This type of communication has advantage of direct coupling and is considered as more secure. Contactless type of readers works with radio frequency that communicates when card comes close to the reader. Mostly, these cards are used for payment purpose.

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