Clean Install

A clean install is an OS installation procedure that overwrites all other info on the hard drive. In short term, it is a software installation process where any earlier edition is removed. A clean installation of an OS formats the disk and removes all present data, before that user has to backup their data. Soon after this process, all apps have to be reinstalled. After a clean install PC run like new.

In some cases, a clean install is unnecessary when upgrading OS. It is very easy to execute a standard “upgrade and install” which just upgrades the important files and leaves the user files in place. Most of the times, OS upgrade becomes impossible as important files have become corrupt. In such stages, clean install is the only option left for user.

Both Mac and Windows OS let user to carry out a clean install when upgrading the OS. It provides an option between a standard upgrade and a clean installation at the beginning of installation operation. In case user selects a clean install option, Windows 7 allows them to format and repartition the installation disk. Whereas in case of Mac OS, user can employ the Disk Utility tool to format or partition the drive before executing the clean install. As a Windows 8 user, you can do clean installation using installation media like DVD or USB flash drive.

Before performing clean install, it is advisable to have backup of your entire data on an external hard disk; else you will lose your entire data. Under such instances Remo Recover software can easily recover lost data even after clean instal process.

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