Clip Art

Clip art is named for manufacturing graphic pictures and it is widely used in field of personal and business projects, ranging from home printed greeting cards to commercial candles. It is available in two forms such as electrical and printed. Nowadays, clip arts are designed, distributed and used in an electronic form. In addition, it is widely used in web pages due to its less size and it does not make delay in loading web pages.


You can see two types in Clip Art images such as Bitmap and Vector. Bitmap pictures are rasterized because they are created with fixed series if pixels or dots. A Vector images are collection of points. There is no drastic difference between them but Vector images can be enlarged infinitely without experiencing picture quality degradation but bitmaps will appear skewed if stretched above the fixed resolution.

Bitmap image file formats are used to illustrate rectangular pictures created with a grid of multicolored or white and black pixels. For example, scanned images are made up of bitmap file format. In addition, quality of bitmap images are low with respect to their resolution, which must be fixed at the time of file is created. Bitmap file formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, etc. In which GIF file formats are simplest one and low-resolution file format.

Vector images file formats uses geometric modeling to illustrate a picture as series of points, curves, lines, and polygons. Because, picture can be scaled to any size keeping resolution intact tends to produce crisp, clear, and royal image. In addition, vector pictures are easy in editing and superior in resolution compared to bitmap file format images.



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