Computer cluster is a set of computers connected together in such a way that it resembles and works as a single system. Each node in cluster of computers is set to perform specific and similar task which is scheduled and controlled by a program. The communication established between the components of clusters is through local area networks (also referred as LAN), and usually all the nodes of cluster have same operating system and the hardware configuration except in some circumstances.

Computer clusters rely on centralized administration approach where the node will be available in organized shared servers. The main intention to deploy cluster is to improve the availability and performance so that it can be more cost effective when compared to single computer. It mainly came into existence due to the rapid computer trends where the availability of low cost microprocessor, evolution of high speed networks, distributed computing and software etc. Because of such rapid evolution of computing trends these computer clusters were finding its applicability ranging from small business to high speed computers such as supercomputers.

Clusters can be configured in such a way that each node connected to cluster can share computational workload to offer better performance. This configuration is usually called as Load-Balancing and by using this configuration one can save time and obtain a good overall response time. Apart from this configuration there are number of other configurations which can be used for various application purposes. The major uses of clustering are parallel processing, fault tolerance, workstations etc.

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