Control Panel in Windows

Control Panel, as the name suggests it is an area where you can control and configure your computer settings. It is available in graphical user interface through which you can easily configure and control things around computer. It covers almost all components available on computer; including user settings, network settings, hardware, parental control, un-installation of programs, power management, password settings etc.

Now coming to accessibility of control panel, it depends on the operating system you are using. If you are using Windows 7 and Windows 8 then just by clicking Start, control panel will be available to you. And in Windows XP also you can get the control panel in the same way, but if you do not get then click on Settings to get Control panel.

Note: Settings done on control panel will instantly come into effect, thus if you are making any changes then make sure you have correct knowledge on it because any improper setting can cause a drastic loss of data on your computer.

In control panel every individual components are called control panel applet and these applets can also be accessed by using command prompt. The commands used in command prompt will vary for every applet and operating system being used. Some of the commonly accessed applets can be accessed using command prompts quickly and easily, thus here are few of the commands which can help you.

At first press Windows button + R to get run command prompt and then press cmd or get into command prompt which is also available in Start menu. (Below mentioned commands will only work in Windows 7 and 8).

  • control /name Microsoft.ActionCenter can be used to get Action Center, where you can set backup, change setting of Windows Update, check resolution for problems that were unreported
  • control /name Microsoft.AddHardware can be used to add hardware devices such as printers, cell phones, routers etc.
  • control /name Microsoft.ColorManagement is used to get Color Management, here you can modify and perform setting of color according to your requirements
  • control /name Microsoft.DeviceManager is used to call Device manager where you can do many things such as partitioning, deletion of partition etc.
  • control /name Microsoft.FolderOptions to get folder options
  • control /name Microsoft.Fonts to obtain fonts options
  • control /name Microsoft.GameControllers to obtain game controller settings

However, while using the Device Manager option be careful and ensure you have proper knowledge on using it. If not a small mistake can lead to deletion or corruption of your partition in turn leading to loss of huge data. In such cases make use of Remo Recover software that can easily recover partition from hard drive data from damaged, formatted or deleted partitions on all Windows OS versions.

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