Convert Raw to NTFS

Sometimes drive(s) becomes inaccessible and is considered as raw. Drives would contain critical information of the user. The user would not let it go as such. The data somehow should be retrieved.

How to know if the drive has turned Raw?

On accessing the drive, if one of the following errors are displayed then, it indicates that the drive has turned Raw

Reasons for the cause of Raw drive

Converting Raw drive to NTFS

“Raw” file system is considered as a file system which is installed on the disk, immediately when it is created in the factory. When we try to convert a raw file system to NTFS (file system used on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7) which allows us to store our data like pictures, audio, documents and video, we need to format the drive.

How to prevent raw drives?

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Recover files from NTFS
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Recover lost NTFS partition
Did you delete partition accidentally? was it so important?, here is the solution. Deleted partitions can be recovered easily using Remo Recover, that has an advanced algorithm to scan for lost partitions. If you have a backup of your partition then the situation has not been occured. So regularly create a backup file of your important data by storing them in CD, floppy disks, USB drives etc.

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