Cortana is the name of the technology launched by Microsoft, which works as your personal assistant and also helps you as knowledge navigator. Originally, it was developed for Windows Phone, but now Microsoft is extending the use of Cortana by introducing it in Windows 10 PCs and smartphones having either Android or iOS operating system.

You can get access to Cortana by typing task in the search box or else use your voice to tell what you'd like to do by selecting the microphone icon.

Get Started with Cortana:

Firstly, you need to turn on your Cortana to get access to it. To check whether it is turned on or not, just press the Search button. If you see Bing image, then it indicates that Cortana is turned off. To turn it on go through the application list and tap on Cortana app.

After turning it on, it will ask you some questions which helps the app to know about you. If you don't want to answer any question, then skip this step.

How Cortana Helps You?

When Cortana is on, some of the data in its Notebook synchronizes to the cloud. In case you don't want to use Cortana, then you could even turn it OFF. To turn off Cortana, go to Cortana's Notebook.

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