The term crash refers to a critical failure of desktop \ laptop, network device, software failure, hardware components, etc. or the process wherein a system ceases \ fails to function properly. Software errors are widespread and are most common, but hardware errors can be overwhelming and difficult to analyze. However, crash can manifest itself in numerous different ways by displaying obscure error messages. Crash can happen in various ways by displaying various messages due to numeorus reasons. Some of the commonly encountered situations causing system crash are as follows.

Application not responding (ANR): Computer application crash usually takes place due to errors present in registry files; if it gets corrupt you will receive pop up error message “Application not responding”. Few possible indications of application crash are slow speed of computer, blue screen, system crash, freezing of machine, etc.

Boot Errors: Errors like “your PC needs to restart”, “please hold down the power button”, “error code: 0*0000005D, “parameters 0*030F0207, 0*756E6547, 0*49656E69”, etc. These are the sure indications that something has gone wrong while booting laptop \ desktop, anyway due to these boot errors system gets crash.

Poor Performance: Generally, system performance decreases because of launching numeorus applications to play games and watching you tube videos frequently will all have a cumulative effects on software installed on computer.

Hard Drive Errors: It is one of the major potential reason for system \ laptop crash. Any issue related to hard disk does not necessarily mean that it needs to be changed. There are numerous factors responsible for PC crash such as harmful virus \ malware attack, human mistakes, poorly designed software are all possibilities.

The drive error is also known as logical error in Master File Table or a faulty sector on disk itself. In Mac and Windows operating system there is a built in utility through which user can detect and fix logical issues and mark bad sectors. However, system crash is a distressing issue as it leads to data loss. In such instances Remo Recover software comes in handy to recover data after system crash. To know how just click on the link provided...

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