Cross browser is the ability of the website or a web application to be compatible with many different browsers. If a software program is developed for many computer platforms, it is referred to be crossplatform program. Likewise, when a website is designed for many browsers, it is referred to be cross-browser website. It indicates that web pages show up appropriately in various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Cross-browser sites may have to create custom HTML or JavaScript in order to be well-matched with multiple sites. In terms of scripts, the word Cross-browser is confused with many browser. Scripts are listed into cross-browser or multi-browser as per their logic. A script which uses cross-browser methods is cross-browser forever.

Multi-browser scripts stay multi-browser scripts until they fade away. Scripted cross-browser documents and apps must include content which is accessible when scripting is disabled. For few applications like word processors, games, etc. the fallback content is more than a description of what the user would view if scripting were obtainable, as opposed to an empty document. Making a cross-browser site is very simple for basic websites. Nevertheless, complex sites with numerous HTML formatting and JavaScript may need important coding in order to be well-matched with many browsers. Many developers may even create totally different pages for each other. Whereas, CSS formatting has helped standardize the appearance of web pages towards cross-browsers. Hence, cross-browser design goes on continuing as part of Web development.

The history of cross browser is included with the history of the “browser wars” and with the introduction of new features the priority has been shifted over bug fixes, fickle web standards compliance, frequent crashes, many security holes, etc. Cross-browser validation is done by many tools like BrowserStack,, Equafy, SauceLabs, Browserling, etc. Some of the browser supporting cross-browser are like Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.

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