Device Driver

In computing, a device driver is a software program that allows higher-level program to communicate with hardware device and it controls and operates a device, which is attached to a system. Typically, a driver communicates with device through communication bus system to which hardware connects.


Normally developing a device driver needs a deep understating of both hardware and software. These drivers needs fine environment to perform well, suppose anything goes wrong then it will not function in desired path. Sometimes, these drivers could crash the system when the device is programmed wrongly. Therefore, it is cleared that designing the drivers requires skilled and professional software engineers. Somehow, it requires the aid of even hardware development companies.

Therefore, whenever the driver is developed by both hardware and software, then there are chances of occurring any issues then it crashes the system and frankly, it is very complicated to rectify the issue whether it is raised by software or by any hardware conflicts. So in order to overcome such situation, Microsoft has designed Windows Drive Foundation, it completely reduce the instability and produce healthy functions.


Due to vary of modern operating system and hardware components, drivers operate in various environments.  Drivers may interface with

  • Video adapters
  • Printers
  • Sound cards
  • Network cards
  • Image scanners
  • Digital scanners
  • Computer storage devices
  • USB devices

Common levels of abstraction for device drivers include:

For hardware:

  • Interfacing directly
  • Using some higher level interface
  • Writing to or reading from device control register
  • Using lower level device driver
  • Simulating work with hardware

For software:

  • Implementing only primitives
  • Implementing an interface for non-driver software
  • Implementing a language includes PostScript high-level language
  • Allowing the operating system direct access to hardware resources

Application Programming Interface

  • Windows Display Driver Model
  • Windows Driver Model
  • Windows Driver Foundation
  • Network driver Interface Specification
  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  • Scanner Access Now Easy
  • Installable File System
  • Uniform Driver Interface
  • Open Data-Link Interface

To fix and update Intel drivers, click on given link.

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