Dial Up

Dial up refers to an internet connection that is created using external device called modem. The modem device connects the system to standard telephone lines, which serves as the data transfer medium.

In order to establish dial up connection you require phone line connection to a server or a smart hub. After you dial up a number, which create a link before the data communication starts. Hence, this technology is named as Dial Up. Throughout this process, you require a device called modem that acts as modulator/demodulator, which is responsible for the exchange of bits and bytes into electromagnetic waves. Later, these waves are transferred through the telephone lines. It is again transformed into bits and bytes before being displayed on the system screen if data reaches the destination.


  • Does not require special modem box to establish connection
  • You can establish internet connection where there is phone line
  • Requires Dial up account
  • The cheapest method of connecting to the Internet
  • Safer than other technology because of rotation of IP address


  • Internet speed is very slow
  • The fastest dial-up modems available have a maximum speed of 53 kilobits per second
  • Landline connection is required

List of dial-up speeds

Connection                                   Bitrate

Modem 110                                      0.1 kbit/s
Modem 300 (Bell 103 or V.21)           0.3 kbit/s
Modem 1200 (Bell 212A or V.22)       1.2 kbit/s
Modem 2400 (V.22bis)                      2.4 kbit/s
Modem 2400 (V.26bis)                      2.4 kbit/s
Modem 4800 (V.27ter)                      4.8 kbit/s
Modem 9600 (V.32)                          9.6 kbit/s
Modem 14.4 (V.32bis)                       14.4 kbit/s
Modem 28.8 (V.34)                           28.8 kbit/s
Modem 33.6 (V.34)                           33.6 kbit/s
Modem 56k (V.90)                            56.0/33.6 kbit/s

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