Digital Twin


A Digital Twin is nothing but the digital replica of any product and it can be created in the same CAD and modeling software used by designers and engineers in the early stages of product development. It includes product design, simulation, monitoring, analyzing, improving, and servicing. Also, it’s an important concept in industrial IOT. IIoT helps engineers to interact with the sensors and actuators on an operating product to capture data and enables in monitoring operating parameters.

Know how digital twins works…

According to product lifecycle management expert Michael Grieves, the concept of the digital twin requires three elements, i.e., the physical product in real space, its digital twin in virtual space and the information that links both of them.

The physical components are integrated with sensors to collect data about real-time status, working condition, or position and send it back to the digital twin. These components are then connected to a cloud-based system which further receives and processes all the data the sensors monitor.

Let us say, your car’s engine oil needs to be changed, the sensors placed in the components may detect it and the car's digital twin will have any overlay image indicating the new information, and it will be displayed on owner's Smartphone or the manufacturer's PLM system.

Hence, many manufacturers including power tool maker Black & Decker, have extended the digital twin technology to encompass assembly lines and other factory systems. Also, this technology provides data that can be used to improve the physical product design throughout the life cycle of the product.

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