Disk Not Formatted

Every user faces different and sometimes similar kind of problems during the journey of using a computer. One of the common error or problem one can come across is “The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”  A snapshot of the same is as follows. It makes the drive as a Raw drive.

Disk not formatted error

Reasons for the occurrence of the Disk Not Formatted error are as follows;

  • Virus attacks
  • Power failure or power surges
  • On corruption, it becomes raw drive
  • May be the disk is not prepared for use with the operating system
  • Incompatibilities between the device and the operating system
  • Excessive  usage of the disk over a period of time
  • Improper removal of external device would cause this problem on connecting it next time

Handling the error

    In case of external devices like USB flash drive, do not format the drive immediately try troubleshooting as given below:

  • Restart the system and plug the drive again into the computer and check if everything is fine
  • If the problem still persists, try it on another system
  • If the error still persists, format the drive following the steps discussed above or the external drive can also be formatted by right clicking on the drive → select Format → check Quick Format → click on Start
  • Formatting can also be done using the format command FORMAT drive: [/parameters] like format c: /q performs a quick format.

The "Disk/Drive Not Formatted" error makes the disk drive raw and data inaccessible, to use this drive again, it needs to be formatted. Once formatted, you can use the drive. But formatting the drive will result in data loss; hence, data backup is the solution prior to formatting.

Useful Links

Partially Formatted Hard Drive:
While formatting a hard drive or a partition, you realize that you are formatting a wrong drive. Once the process of formatting begins even if you try to Cancel the formatting, this partially formatted drive will have many missing files. If you have partially formatted your disk and lost files; don't panic Remo Recover (Windows) application provides optimum solution.

Formatted Data Recovery
We all are aware that the process of formatting erases data from storage drive. If a backup is available, after formatting the data can be easily restored in the formatted drive. However, if data is unavailable, recovery softwares can be used to recover files after format. Remo Recover, available for Windows and Mac machines, is the best tool known to perform quick and easy formatted data recovery.

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