Disk Partition

Disk partition is the act of dividing the storage space of a hard disk into separate data areas called as partitions. One can create, resize, modify or erase these partitions using the partition editor programs. After dividing a disk into many partitions, all directories and files of various categories like system fiels and user files etc. can be stored in various partitions. Careful consideration of the partition size is very important as its capacity depends on the file system installed on the partition. Partition can be of two types like Primary partition (has only one parititon in which the OS is installed) and Extended partition (can be subdivided into multiple partitions).

Advantages of having multiple partitons

Disadvantages of having multiple partitons

NOTE:One has to be very carefull while resizing or deleting the existing partitions as a simple mistake might corrupt your partition containing vital data. In such cases if you want to recover partition after resize and get back entire data from the partition then just click on the link given.

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