The Ultimate Guide To Understanding DivX Videos

Written by Molly Owen, Updated on October 11, 2023

DivX stands for Digital Video Express, a format created by DivX Inc. that can compress lengthy video segments to small sizes by maintaining high visual quality. In other words, it is a digital video codec compression and decompression format based on the MPEG-4. DivX is often called a family of video codecs, formats, and software from DivXNetworks, Inc.

DivX is a lossy video compression software that has the ability to compress video files up to one-twelfth of the original video with minimum loss in quality.

DivX was popular for downloading movies from the Internet. It uses lossy MPEG-4 compression, which balances the quality against file size. Hence, DivX could compress a DVD movie to fit on a CD, and DivX HD could reduce an HD movie to fit on a DVD. The DivX software even provides tools for encoding in DivX and MPEG-4, a player for DivX and other video formats.

DivX software: DivX Plus for Windows, DivX Plus Web Player, DivX 7 for Mac, DivX Author, Community applications.

Benefits of DivX

The DivX format was originally created for DVD encoding since it offered higher quality at a low bit rate. It has a very high compression ratio, and due to this, it has become the most popular MPEG-4-compatible video compression technology. This makes the DVD size 7-10 times smaller than the standard DVD / Mpeg2 compression technology.

For example, a commercial DVD title that would take 4.7 gigabytes of storage can be easily converted to DivX format to less than 700 megabytes of storage without losing audio or video quality. This can then be archived on cheap CD media.

  • DivX allows broadband users to encode and distribute DVD-quality video at 500-700 Kbps.
  • Once DivX is installed on the system, it basically works as an add-on to your system by providing instructions about compressing and decompressing (playback) video in that video format.
  • If DivX is installed on the system, the user can even play DivX movies using Windows Media Player or any other DivX-enabled players.
  • Smaller Video File Size: Compressed videos are usually smaller than uncompressed videos. DivX videos are best known for their deeply compressing videos without compromising the quality.
  • Compatibility: DivX videos can be saved, accessed, and played on virtually any device.
  • High-Quality Videos: Despite DivX’s high compression, these videos retain high quality.
  • Online Streaming Support: DivX videos are streamed over the internet. It allows efficient video delivery across various network conditions.
  • Multiple-Language Support: DivX videos can be encoded with multiple languages' subtitles, letting you enjoy Movies and Videos in your preferred language.
  • Easy of Storing them on Portable Devices: Due to its smaller file size, DivX videos can be easily stored on various external storage devices, as well as Android smartphones.

DivX formats

As time rolled on, DivX also evolved into various formats with some updates and the inclusion of new features. These formats are:

DivX Media Format (DMF): This format expanded the scope of DivX by adding many different features like Interactive video menus, multiple subtitles (XSUB), multiple audio tracks, multiple video streams, Chapter points, other metadata (XTAG), multiple formats, etc.

DivX Plus HD: This file type uses the standard Matroska media container format (.mkv) instead of .divx. These files contain an H.264 video bit stream, AAC surround sound audio, and various XML-based attachments.

DivX Profiles: These are subsets of MPEG-4 / AVI and H.264 / Matroska standards.

DivX Video on Demand (DivX VOD): DivX's version of digital rights management (DRM) allows content copyright holders to control the distribution of videos.

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