Domain Name System

Domain name system (DNS) (Server \ Service) is a hierarchical, distributed database that encloses mapping of DNS to numerous types of data such as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and serve memorizable names for websites as well as other services on internet. DNS allows you to use domain names: for example or in the address bar of your web browser rather than the IP address. It automatically translates domain names into corresponding IP address to easily locate resources on a TCP network basis.

Well, DNS record is also known as resource record and is a primary component in domain name system. Here every record encloses numerous pieces of information, which contains expiration time limit, record type and specific data type. There are large amount of record types each describing the format of data and an idea to use proposed record, whenever it’s been sent over IP network, all DNS (Domain Name System) record conform to a format specified in RFC 1035 (Which encloses complete information of the protocol and domain system).

Why Domain Name is Important?

Domain Name System (DNS) are basic thing to internet because each and every internet connected gadget, whether it’s a laptop, system, gaming console or mobile phones first look up for each name in global DNS and make use of resulting internet address to connect the web server, send \ receive emails, for downloading purpose or use the World Wide Web.

Some of the Terms Associated with DNS:

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