DSL Modem

A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem is a hardware device which is mainly for connecting a computer or router to the internet via a dedicated telephone line, which is often called DSL broadband. It provides digital subscriber line service by enabling communication between the computer and the internet service provider.

To enable the DSL connection first connect the traditional phone line to the DSL modem and connect the Cat5 cord of the modem to the PC or a network router while sharing the internet connection with multiple computers. These DSL modems are usually external and can be connected to a computer via a USB or Ethernet port and even both.

DSL modem connection options:

There are two ways in which your devices can be connected to the Internet through the DSL:

Ethernet cable: It is commonly referred to as the hardline connection and it is used for connecting your devices on LAN networks such as personal computers and routers. Most of these are designed to connect to a single computer.

Wireless router: Wireless router also referred as wireless access point connects your device to the internet via radio signals. The network card of the enabled device converts the signals to Internet data for computers, laptops and other web-enabled devices.

Advantages of DSL Modem:

DSL modems are known for providing faster Internet access, as they are aimed for using with high-speed DSL connections. When compared to the other dial-up internet connections, DSL connections offer great speed. Some of its other advantages include:

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