Encrypted Data

Encryption is the process of transferring data using advanced algorithm (called a cipher) into unreadable format to everyone except those who can retrieve the data only using a special key.

Encrypted data helps us to keep our data safe while transferring from one place to another through web. For example files which are being transferred through networks (e.g. Internet, e-commerce) are wireless intercom systems, Bluetooth devices, mobile telephones, wireless microphones and bank automatic teller machines.

Encrypted data by itself protects the confidentiality of messages but even other techniques are still needed to preserve the integrity and authenticity of data being transferred. For an example, verification of a Message Authentication Code (MAC) or a digital signature.

There are standards, cryptographic software and hardware available to perform encryption broadly, but effectively using it to ensure security might be the biggest challenging problem.

Types of Encryption

In the process of doing research on encryption, there are two ways to go with encrypting data they are symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Encryption can be specified at different levels like client level (for backup of your data), auxiliary copy level and hardware level.

Client level encryption will ensure computer users to protect the files prior to leaving the system. The encryption keys are randomly produced per archive file. In addition, the data can be protected with a phrase of words, which is required to retrieve all the files.

Auxiliary Copy level includes encrypting information during auxiliary copy operations which enables backup operations for higher efficiency. Therefore, encryption keys are generated depending on the storage of archive file.

Hardware Encryption will allow you to encrypt media files used in disks with in-built encryption capabilities, which provides you a faster performance than the above two levels explained i.e. client level and auxiliary level. The data stored is divided into number of chunks and the encryption keys are generated differently for each chunk.

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