Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is nonlinear and advanced video editing software that was created by Apple Computer; it allows the users to edit any QuickTime from digital video, IMX and uncompressed SD to HDV, DVCPRO HD, XDCAM HD, 2K film formats and uncompressed HD etc. The latest version of the Final Cut Pro runs on Intel-based Mac OS computers that are powered by OS X version 10.6.8 or later.

Final Cut Pro allows users to easily log on and transfer the videos onto an internal or external hard dive. Here it can be edited and processed, and can even output to a wide variety of formats. It supports a number of video tracks to be composed simultaneously, up to 99 audio tracks, offers multi-camera editing to combine video from remapping camera sources, standard ripple, time remapping edit functions etc. It has a collection of many video translations, audio and video filters like mattes, keying tools etc.

Features of Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro has been incorporated with RT Extreme Technology that allows a real-time multistream effects architecture. DynamicRT allows the user to set the image quality to automatically adjust the accordingly and the frame rate during playback to maintain real time effects.

For example, if large number of video streams is being played simultaneously in real time, users can switch to a mode that reduces the quality of the playback so that all of them can be seen together in real time. When there are fewer simultaneous video streams then it will automatically return the playback to the default quality. Some of the features of Final Cut Pro are:

  • Final Cut Pro supports mixed video formats in the Timeline with real time support i.e. both resolution and frame rate
  • It has manual 3-way color correction filter, videoscopes and a selection of generators, such as slugs, cards, test and noise
  • Offers support for numerous codecs for editing the HD, DV and SV videos that includes preset devices like Apple TV, iPod and blue ray disks

Benefits of Final Cut Pro

Multiple Channel Audio: Final Cut Pro allows you to work with several different channels of audio, and mix those channels any way you choose. The audio tools in Final Cut Pro provide the flexibility to perform any thing the user desires within the program.

Multiple Channel Video:Final cut Pro gives you the ability to embed several layers of video over each other. User can also have their video over moving backgrounds and up to 99 levels of video shown on the same screen at the same time. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to editing video on this system.

Commercial Quality DVD Authoring:After editing a video with Final Cut Pro, user can easily export the video project to the Apple's DVD Studio Pro and create DVDs that are of high-quality.

Large Number of Plug-Ins: One of the biggest advantages of Final Cut Pro is that it offers large number of third-party plug-ins for the software. Although the Final Cut Pro is easy to use, there are third-party plug that automate tasks and make them even easier.

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