Firefox is a web browser based on Mozilla code base and provides customization options / features like ability to block pop-up windows, privacy, tabbed browsing, RSS live bookmarks, smart searching, security measures, download manager, location-aware browsing (geolocation) based on a Google service, etc. It displays web pages written in HTML language. It can provide user a cleaner interface and faster download speeds. In addition, Firefox offers an environment for web developers in which they can employ built-in tools like Error Console or the DOM Inspector or extensions like Firebug.

Firefox implements various web standards like HTML 4, XML, MathML, SVG 1.1, CSS, XHTML, DOM, ECMAScript and APNG photos with alpha transparency. Further, it implements standard proposals created by the WHATWG like canvas element as well as client-side storage. Firefox employs sandbox security model like SSL/TLS to protect communications with web servers utilizing cryptography when utilizing HTTPS protocol. Additionally, it will provide support for web applications to employ smartcards for authentication.

Moreover, Firefox implements a proprietary protocol from Google known as “Safe Browsing”, used to exchange data associated with malware and phishing protection. Firefox offers development builds of Firefox in distribution channels namely “Beta”, “Aurora” and “Nighltly”. Firefox for mobile, codenamed “Fennec” is a web browser for smaller mobile phones, PDAs and non-PC devices. Its interactive interface is redesigned and optimized for small screens, the controls are hidden away so that only the web content is displayed on the screen and it employs touch-screen interaction techniques. It contains password manager, Awesome bar, Add-on support, etc.


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