FLV Files

Written by John Harris, Updated on October 07, 2023

FLV file stands for Flash Video which is a container file format for delivering video clips over the internet employing Adobe Flash Player versions 6 and newer.. The sound and video data streams are encoded in FLV files as they are within SWF files. As a format suitable for web video clip playback, it offers high prices involving data compression and produces good-quality video clips.

However, support for Flash Media Player has been discontinued since 2021, so other formats would seem like a better option for your media.

FLV can easily embed files in HTML web pages and is supported by many operating systems via the Adobe Flash Player and web-browser plug-in. However, Apple’s iOS device does not support the Flash Player plug-in, hence requires other delivery methods such as those provided by Adobe Flash Media Server. Currently, the FLV file format is widely utilized by various famous websites, such as Google, video, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

Generally, Flash video FLV files consist of video bit streams that are the proprietary alternative of the H.269 video standard. Sorenson Spark is a proprietary video codec developed by Sorenson Media for FLV files. neverthele ss, it is usually available and compatible because it was the first online video media codec supported with Flash Player. In addition, it is the required video compression format for Flash Player 8 and newer versions and also assists the playback connected with On2 TrueMotion VP6 online video media touch channels.

The Flash Video FLV files format facilitates two versions of a so-called ‘screen share’ codec called Screen video and VP6 screen share.

They can be used as an encoding format, intended for the screencast. Both kinds of formats are usually bitmap tile primarily based, may be lossy simply by decreasing coloration depths, and are also compacted utilizing zlib. The 2nd variation is playable with Flash Participant 8 and newer.

Note: The VP6 screen share codec is more efficient and produces better-quality video

Video: On2 VP6, Screen video, Sorenson Spark (Sorenson H.263), H.264

Audio: MP3, Linear PCM, ADPCM, Speex, AAC, Nellymoser, G.711

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