Format Error

Format errors are the errors caused by the broken system registry structures or due to missing system files. This is a serious sign of an unstable system that is typically caused by improper maintenance of the computer.

This type of problem occurs more frequently on removable devices such as SD memory card, USB thumb pen drive, external hard drive etc. It says you have to format the disk unless formatting is done you will not be allowed to access the data and sometimes it won't let you format by showing some errors. This kind of problem is generally called "format error".

Common Error messages:

The above listed are the commonly found format errors, however all of these occur at different situations. Some while formatting the drive and other while trying to access the data on the drive. Sometimes, even if you does not open or use any programs or files on that drive you will receive these errors. In most situations, the drive will be the removable storage devices.

Possible reasons

Some of the reasons for these errors include:

Solution for these errors

If Windows can't format this drive, and issues any error messages while formatting the drive then just quit the disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive and try again formatting. If you are prompted to format the drive, then you can solve the issue by force formatting. Hence just format the drive; if possible try to take the data backup. Formatting will remove all the files, if you want them back then just follow the mentioned link and retrieve files from formatted disk in few simple steps.

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