Graphics Card

There are several names are available for a graphics card such as video card, video adapter, display card, display board, display adapter etc. the main purpose of graphics card used now a days to provide additional acceleration rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics, MPEG – 2/ MPEG – 4 decoding and sometimes as an add-on to connect TV cables to PC for a better picture clarity and quality.

As we all know that all the data stored in the PC are zeros and ones. To virtualize the binary data to a pictorial or graphical form the CPU needs a translator from both the ends the hardware and software. this is the place where a graphic card is needed. The binary data cannot be viewed visually unless the motherboard of the PC has an inbuilt on board graphics card in it. The pictures and visuals everything we see on the screen depend upon the graphics circuit in the motherboard. There are two types of graphics card component available in the PC industry. The first one is the onboard graphics which will be integrated in the motherboard itself. It is also called as the onboard graphics. It is responsible for the basic graphical things that are found on the screen.

The second one can be named as add on graphic card or adapter. This will increase the pixel resolution of the display. The pixels are calculated in dpi – Dot per Inch. If the concentration of dots within a inch is increased the quality and resolution of the displayed content will also be good.

A graphics card has a complex roles and responsibility. On the whole the colloquial meaning used for graphics card now a day is that they provide additional picture quality to the PC display. Some higher engineering drawings and extremely high graphical games require an additional swap space and virtual memory at a higher speed which is not possible with the on board graphics. Here the graphic card will perfectly fit in.

To create a graphically enhanced output from the binary zeros and ones is definitely a complicated task and highly sensational. The CPU will only decide and control the data flow. The graphics card decides on how to use the incoming zeros and ones. Moreover its solely responsible for the errors and visuals on the screen.  To create a 3D image or a higher end graphic animation the frames has to be switched more faster than the normal which is only possible if a good graphics card is used. At the same time the graphic card calculates the frame rate required by the animation or a 3D graphics media. To perform this operation the graphics need a power source, motherboard circuit, a CPU to fetch instructions, display screen, virtual memory or RAM memory to keep and fetch temporary files.

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