Growth Hacking


Want to know what is growth hacking and what is growth hackers do? Then first let me tell me describe about the term hacker. A hacker is someone who is more concerned about achieving an objective than following a set of particular process. Or hackers are the persons who care more about what needs to be done than how it needs to be done. Hence, hackers often come up with new ideas to get things done easily.

To be more precise, when a hacker is trying to get access to a computer, it doesn’t matter what he is doing until he gets access. This is because hackers are more anxious about what needs to be done than how it gets done.

So, what does the term growth hacking mean?

Growth hacking is nothing but making rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to know which is the most effective and efficient way to grow a business. Though growth hacking requires several skills its main purpose is to grow startups. The main objective of growth hacking is to find a predictable, sustainable repeatable and scalable growth process.

A growth hacker is a person whose objective is to grow the number of users for a specific product. Growth hackers can be engineers, marketers, product managers who particularly focus on building and engaging the user base of business. The necessity characteristic of a growth hacker is creativity. A growth hacker looks beyond Adwords or SEO for distribution as the traditional marketing channels as it may result in high cost per acquisition and low lifetime value due to high saturation.

To summarize, growth hacking is a process where you make use of marketing, feedback, data, optimization, measuring results, automation, etc. So, growth hacking is considered more than marketing due to growth hacker’s involvement in the product development.

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