A host is a system or other device connected to computer network that shares information, resources, services and applications to computer user or other nodes on the connected network.

The host term is also used when two systems are connected via modem or telephone lines. Tn these one of the system is called host, while other computer at which user access it is called remote terminal.

Systems participating in network using internet protocol are called internet hosts (internet nodes). A internet host has a specific local or host number that is including with the network number to form its unique IP address.  However, you can use Point-to-Point protocol to gain access to your internet access provider. In addition, in order to create a connection between your system and internet you have unique IP address. However, in Peer-to-Peer applications, a host may also function as nodes, in which all nodes share and consume resource in well manner.

Types of host computer

  • Mainframes 
  • Minicomputers 
  • Microcomputers 
  • Super Computers
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