Hybrid Application


A hybrid application is nothing but a combination of both native and web applications. Native applications are designed for particular platform and installed on computing device. Web applications are generalized, they can be used on multiple platforms and will not be installed locally instead it is made available over a network. Most of the time, Hybrid application will be used in the context of mobile computing.

Features of Hybrid Application

  • The application will work in both the ways, i.e. it will function even if the device is connected or disconnected
  • Hybrid application can be easily integrated with file systems of a device
  • It can also be integrated with wed based services
  • This app can also be used as embedded browser for improving the access to dynamic online content


  • Hybrid apps are faster, cheaper and even easy to develop
  • It is also simple to maintain and you can change the platforms too
  • The hybrid application itself depends on browser speed

Things should be known before developing Hybrid application

  • It takes long time in terms of HTML5 developers to produce platform consistent user interface behavior
  • They depend on third party framework to support the speedy changing in IOS and Android platforms
  • You can opt hybrid app, when your priority is not speed
  • The app has some critically missing things like debugger and performance tool which actually inform you where the memory is running out
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure