iCloud is a cloud storage (also online storage) that works on cloud computing technology. It superseded Apple’s MobileMe services and came into existence on June 30th 2012. It allows you to upload your data over internet secured with password protected access and this uploaded data can act as a supplement to your manual backup. The data stored on iCloud can be accessed from other computer and mobile devices from any place by using internet. Also, iCloud is designed to work effortlessly with all the Apple devices when connected to internet.

In order to use iCloud you may have to create an account and then upload the data that are important to you. If in case your device is lost or stolen then all the data which was uploaded by the stolen device can be retained when you login using some other device.

Features of iCloud

  • Apart from uploading data it allows you to store setting of iOS device (applicable only for iOS 5 or later) and sync the data so that you can restore it whenever required
  • Using “Find My iPhone” feature one can track their iOS device and moreover it shows you the exact location on the map
  • Photo stream is a service available on iCloud, this feature allows you to store almost a thousand photos on iCloud server for free of cost valid till one month.
  • You can make use of or authenticate up to 10 devices with one Apple iCloud ID
  • Developers can customize their apps in the way they desire to connect and use iCloud contents
  • You can store up to 5GB of non-iTunes data (like documents and photos) without any charges however for more storage capacity you have to pay some amount of subscription per year
  • iCloud can automatically backup and restore the data on your Apple iOS devices when internet is available. However this does not take full backup every time when internet is available but it just takes the backup of those data that have been changed on your device

NOTE: For efficient usage of all the features provided by iCloud there is a necessity of high internet speed. Use Remo MORe tool to increase internet speed on your Apple Mac computers in just few minutes.

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