iLife is a application suit that is developed by Apple Corporation that come with Apple Mac laptops, systems and iOS devices. It is a suite of three applications that include iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. All versions are obtainable today and all are free with the purchase of each iOS or Mac gadgets. These applications are upgraded to 64 bit and are incorporated with iCloud.

What does iLife do with its iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band:


Have your images arranged extremely with iPhoto. It identifies the faces of individuals in the photo and also recognize faces that look similar. Once you've already named a person then iPhoto automatically names that person when found in others pictures. Beside from that, it gives you a collection of faces from which you can choose one and verify simply by clicking on them. You can even sync this with your iPad or iPhone. If there are places that you have been to, iLife will automatically locate them from your GPS-enabled digital camera or iPhone.This can even remember the events much easier, as iPhoto identifies when the photographs are taken once you insert your memory card.

With 64-bit support, picture browsing in the new iPhoto seems to be quicker. According to expert’s recommendation iOS versions are “clean as well as beautiful” with fresh look. At this point you can share photos as custom slideshows that you could rewind, pause and fast-forward via motions sign. Moreover, you can also order prints, which include hardcover and panoramas books.


Create your personal movie trailers effortlessly simply by clicking and dropping clips into the storyboard. Don’t fret about the effects, titles and transitions, iMovie manage to do it all for you. You can opt from various types of movies, from action to love, adventure, and holidays. It's also possible to add music files like sound effects and voiceovers to give an improved feel to movie.

Garage Band:

Lastly, Garage Band on the Mac also gets an overhaul among other items, a fresh sound library and features like Drummer and Smart Controls. One main portion of the iOS 7 revised version is that it goes from helping 8 tracks to 16 for several iOS 7 suitable devices; if you have a 64-bit device (using the A7 chip), you can move up to 32 tracks, just as on the iPhone 5s. And, gratitude to iCloud, you can begin a song in your Mac or iPhone or iPad, and you will always gain access to the same version.

Further, you can also record from third party music applications precise into Garage Band and wirelessly share your song via AirDrop with other iOS users for simple collaboration. Now, the iLife apps are available free with Mac purchaser. Existing users running Mavericks can also upgrade their apps for free from the Mac app store.

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