Interlaced Video

Interlaced video is a technique for doubling the perceived frame rate of a video display without consuming extra bandwidth. The interlaced signal contains two fields of a video frame captured at two different intervals. This increases motion perception to the observer, and reduces flicker by taking benefit of the phi phenomenon effect.

This scan of each second line is called interlacing. A field is a picture that contains just 50% of the lines required to make a complete picture. Perseverance of vision makes the eye see the two fields as a nonstop picture. In the times of CRT showcases, the phosphorescence of the show's phosphor helped this impact.

Interlacing gives full horizontal detail of the same data transmission that would be required for a full dynamic sweep of double the apparent edge rate and revive rate. To avoid glint, all simple show TV frameworks utilized interlacing.

Benefits of interlacing

  • Interlace gives a video signal with twice the display refresh rate for a given line count
  • The higher refresh rate improves the appearance of objects motion
  • Interlaced video can also provide a higher spatial resolution than progressive scan
  • Updates frame position on the display more frequently, and when objects are stationary, human vision combines data from numerous similar half-frames to give the same perceived resolution as progressive full frames.

Problems of Interlaced Video

Interlaced video is intended to be captured, stored, transmitted and displayed in the same interlaced configuration. Each interlaced video is two fields that is caught at distinctive intervals of time. Hence such video frames can display motion artifacts with some effects known as interlacing effects, or brushing if recorded articles move quick enough to be in diverse positions. These artifacts may be more displayable when interlaced video is shown at a slower speed than it was caught, or in still frames.

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