Internet is a global network of unified and interconnected computers that use a standard internet protocol suite to connect millions of users worldwide. It is referred as the world’s largest computer network. The main aim of internet is to ease and enhance the communication between its users located at different locations of the world. In recent days, internet has become the most predominant and the fastest mode for communication.

The term 'Internet' is the abbreviated form of the term 'internetwork'. Internet is composed of network of smaller networks that can connect with personal computers, laptops, tablets, large university systems, mobiles etc. all of which are linked by various wireless, electronic, and optical technologies. Usage of Internet makes it easier to distribute information over numerous locations. People around the world share information, ideas, data, comments and stories on the Internet.

Services offered by internet

Few of the most popular services offered by the Internet include E-mail, Usenet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and many more. It even provides many services include GPRS, messaging, and many more. Bulletin Board Service (BBS) is also a service provided by internet that provides a forum for a group of people to meet and to make postings; Usenet is one of the Biggest Bulletin boards.

One of the best services provided by internet is remote login service that enables connections between your computers and authorized remote systems using a technology called TELNET.

Key Features of Internet

Some of the key features of the internet are as listed below:

Geographic Distribution: This feature enables you to communicate with users in any part of the world. With this feature Internet continues to be spread around the world and enables easy communication to any part of the world.

Robust Architecture: The Internet has no unique central control, administration, or authority. It is the most robust communications network since; it is able to adapt itself instantaneously to the damages or outages.

Near Light Speed: Internet packets travel at 2/3 of the speed of light on copper wire and on fiber optic cables. That is the speed of internet packets is nearly 200,000 km/s whereas speed of the light is 300,00km/s, which is nearly equivalent.

Universal Access: Internet offers the equal abilities to everyone who has access to the network irrespective of their location.

Advantages of Internet

  • Provides faster communication
  • Offers enormous amount of information related to news, technology, history, science and others
  • Internet even plays a vital role in providing entertainment to the users like watching movies, playing games, songs and many more
  • With the social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. internet even helps in staying connected with your beloved ones
  • It provides online services that enable its users to pay thier bills online, shop online and get the products at their door steps and many more

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Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure